Zinopolis – The Backstory (Or Not)

Well, this is an interesting week….I’ve got pretty much nothing for a backstory on Zinopolis.  The kicker is that it took me nearly an hour to “find nothing”.  When you go to the website for Zinopolis, you see this:

Yep.  That’s it.  That is the ENTIRE website!!!   Seriously?!  The marketer in me wants to scream at the branding team.  Someone goes to the store, finds the wine, tastes it, likes it, and wants to learn more….they head online and find NOTHING on the website.  In fact, the information that is there doesn’t really matter.  It’s the same information that is printed on the back of the wine bottle.   I checked social media and still found nothing.  Admittedly, I was quite disappointed.

On the flip side, I was very excited for myself.  Drinks to Design comes up #10 when you do a Google search…on the first page!!  With so little information on the brand out on the web, even a new blog site like mine can quickly show up in search.

Direction from the Bottle

After spending time with the Google results and not finding any information about the winery, I headed back to the wine bottle to see if the label gave any clues to where I might find information online.  A bit more searching lead me to the Winery Exchange.  Apparently, Zinopolis is part of their portfolio of private wine brands.  While their website gave me little additional insight on Zinopolis or where it is produced, I did find links to Facebook and Twitter accounts.

With over 300 brands in their portfolio, I suppose it is difficult for them to devote any real time to developing any of them.  I started to follow the brand on Facebook and time will tell if I find them to be an interesting company to follow.

So, that’s it.  This week is short and sweet.  I’m leaving the Backstory with about the same information as when I started.  Clearly, the inspiration this week is coming entirely from the packaging design!!




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