The Flavor of Big House Slammer

The time has come to put The Slammer Syrah to the taste test.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’m VERY skeptical of a wine with a screw on top.  The design of the bottle drew me in and I hope that the flavor will bring me back again.

Thoughts From the Brand

When I purchased The Slammer, I really liked the back of the bottle that carried the description of the wine in a message from the criminal himself.  Here’s his description.

Hey, Hacks!  I see you breaking out that bottle of criminally rich Syrah.  I bet the unfettered blackberry and cassis flavors make you feel free as a bird.  Pizza, burgers and spicy kabobs make it more than sing sing for its supper.  Just wait ’till I’m at liberty to join you…..

As I went to the website to find more about the brand’s description of the wine, I was delighted to find the following description by “The Warden”:

Our Slammer is a no-holds-barred, muscular Syrah that keeps fruity ripeness in check. Full-bodied with sweet dark berry flavors, a touch of chocolate, and a lingering finish. Our Slammer Syrah is well-balanced with a rounded mouthfeel that makes it enjoyable now or through years of sentencing.

For even more detail, you can watch The Slammer video on YouTube.

My Thoughts

I won’t hold any suspense here – I liked it.  I poured – it was a beautiful deep red.  I smelled – the fruit came through most prominent for me.  And, finally, I reluctantly tasted.  The flavor was was full, but not overwhelming.  There was no yucky aftertaste (yes, I said yucky) like I experienced with the other screw on cap brands I’ve tried.  I was honestly surprised.

When it comes to wine varieties, in general I like a good Syrah.  In my opinion, Big House has done a great job with the Slammer.  At a price between $10-$15, I would say it is definitely worth a try.

Thoughts from the Web

I like it, the brand does a great job of describing the flavor and the possible pairing, but what is the general opinion on the web?  I headed to search and here is what I found.

From Wine Enthusiast:  “A robust, spicy wine that offers lots of bang for the buck. The flavors range from lush raspberries and red cherries up through blackberries and currants, veering into mocha, and there’s lots of crushed black pepper. Easy to like with steak, lamb, Mexican food.” S.H.  (12/15/2010)  — 88 gives an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5.  However, none of those who rated the wine provide actual comments.  So, I continued on and found a couple more reviews.

From Winetalk with Lain Bradford:  “For an under $15 dollar Syrah this one will blow your socks off, and than some. It starts off with a nose full of black cherries and cocoa powder with whispers of oak. These aromas develop into some of the first flavors that hit the tongue. You than have layers of vanilla bean, black raspberry, and white peppercorns grab the mid palate. The finish lets notes of dark chocolate black fruit jam coat the tongue. All of the flavors grip the mouth and slowly almost like velvet dissipate off palate for a terrific finish. This wine is big and bold so it will work well with big flavors in your menu.”

And, from Modern Day Moms:  Big House Wines Syrah, also known as “The Slammer Syrah” is a full bodied wine. I got hints of blackberry and cocoa. I wasn’t as impressed with their Syrah as I had hoped. It could be because I am just not a big Syrah fan- I don’t know as I haven’t tried any before this, but this was a drinkable wine. It wasn’t over powering with flavor, but it wasn’t lacking any either. I also drank the whole bottle without sharing, if that says anything.


Overall, The Slammer syrah has a flavor that impresses me.  I agree with the brand’s point of view that the wine is perfectly paired with a burger.  For your next barbecue or burger meal, buy a few bottles of the Big House Slammer Syrah.  The drink will be enjoyed and the bottles will provide the foundation for some great dinner conversation.  In the meantime, pick up a bottle yourself for burger nights at home!


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