The Back Story – Meditrina Wine

I found the back story of Meditrina wine to be just as fulfilling as the story I found on the store shelf.

The website was a very cool design.  I especially loved the “good times” section.  First, you could answer a few questions and get your god/goddess name….mine was “Goddess of Perfectly Executed Uncorkings”.  I’m still pondering what that says about me….  The website also provided fun, downloadable stuff  (name tags, wine charms, etc.) for you to host your own Meditrina Wine party.

As I explored further, I found myself on the website of the winery – Sokol Blosser.  I truly enjoyed browsing around the site and learning the history of the company.  I poked around the site and learned about the team behind the wine.  I really enjoyed their personal profiles that gave glimpses into things like their “favorite beverage outside of wine”.

What really impressed me on the site was the focus the winery has on sustainability.  Being an upcycler and trying to do what I personally can to reduce my impact on the environment, their initiatives resonated strongly with me.  Here’s just a small list of what they have accomplished in lessening their eco-footprint:

  • Use 50% biodiesel in our farm tractors and trucks.
  • Use a no-waste, energy efficient crossflow filter on white wines.
  • Recycle everything we can, from office paper to pallet shrinkwrap.
  • Use unbleached paper products for labels, wine boxes and gift bags whenever possible.
  • Installed a 24kW solar array in our vineyard that provides 30% of our energy needs.
  • Certified by Salmon-Safe as a vineyard that protects and restores salmon habitat.
  • Part of the Governor’s Carbon Neutral Challenge
  • Report our carbon emissions through the Climate Registry.
  • Farm our estate vineyards organically
  • Received full USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) organic certification in 2005 and are certified through Oregon Department of Agriculture.
  • Vineyard plantings of lavender, yarrow, rudbeckia, and Russian sage help to provide habitats for beneficial insects and expand our vineyard ecosystem.
  • Underground barrel cellar, built to US Green Building Council standards, became the first winery building in the country to earn the prestigious LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

I am really impressed.  Innovations like these are what I look for in a company that I support with the dollars I spend.

While the beautiful bottle on the shelf drew me in, the philosophy and values of the company will keep me coming back for more in the years to come.

Great job Sokol Blosser, great job!




3 Responses to “ The Back Story – Meditrina Wine ”

  1. Teresa Nord says:

    My Goddess name is “Goddess of Magically Copasetic Family Get Togethers”. I like it. I’m also all about the Mediterina Party Pack!

  2. Lila Snyder says:

    I’m the Goddess of Unsurprising Parties – is that good or bad?

    • Lori says:

      I suppose that depends on one question – do you want people to be surprised at your parties? If not, you are in good shape!

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