St. Patricks Day Design

Last night we had a St. Patricks Day party to attend.  Actually, it’s an annual tradition that our neighbors have a big Irish celebration of the event.  Each year I debate what to wear….I’m not really a “green” person.  So, yesterday I decided to create a necklace for the occasion.  I thought I would share the creation process.

The Design Process

First, I collected all the green beads I had on hand:

After the beads and other items were together, I realized that I had many different colors of green – from teal, to kelly, to olive.  After staring at them for a while, I realized I needed to decide what I was going to wear before picking the beads.  So, I headed to my closet and came up with this:

A simple black top and an olive green cotton scarf.  I thought I could create a longer necklace that would fit right in the open section between the two ends of the scarf.  The next step was to start picking out beads and things that would work with the color of the scarf:

With the colors in the scarf, it was very easy to begin selecting beads that would work with the color.  I quickly went to work laying out an overall design concept:

I decided to go with the Mer Soleil wine cork because it matched nicely with the words on the scarf.  For a reminder of the bottle that the cork and ring were from, you can check out the Mer Soleil post from December.  In addition, this cork had a silver ring from the bottle that was going to work perfectly for the design that was coming to life in my mind.

I envisioned the top sections of the necklace coming together at the ring to connect to the cork itself.  Below the cork, I was beginning to imaging three strands of beads and bottle glass that would hang like a tassle.  As the layout took shape, I started to prep the ring – snipping off the metal posts on the back to make it smooth and flat on the backside.  Then, I ran into a snag….a dangerously small amount of wire!  I needed to plan accordingly to complete the design with the material I had on hand.

The Design

After some strategic planning and the use of a couple earring posts to save the wire I had, I ended up with a design that was just what I had envisioned:

I love how the colors turned out and matched the scarf.  The pops of orange added just the touch of personality that the green needed.  Here are some close up photos of the design.  This first photo shows how the metal ring acts as the transition from the two top sections of the necklace into the cork section:

This second photo is a close up of the three strands that make up the “tassle”.  Chain that matches the main section of the necklace are combined with beads and a piece of green glass.  All three sections are of different lengths to give the design the overall balance that it needs.  I tried to vary length, texture, and color so that when the three strands hang together they look purposeful.



While the necklace worked well for my St. Patrick’s Day challenge, I also believe that I will begin to use this layout in future jewelry designs.  The length is one that is very popular right now and placing the cork in this location really adds something to the design.

As I wrote this post, I remembered that a year ago I created some other designs for St. Patrick’s Day using some Budweiser holiday cans.  Looking back at that post, I realized how far my design style has come over the last year.  I don’t want to put the photo in this post, but here is the link if you are interested in what those designs look like.  You will also notice that last year’s design was created outside by the pool…..this year it was snowing…I was inside at the table!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!  Lori





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