Jewelry Inspired by Wicked White

The second design inspired by the Middle Sister wines is a necklace for Wicked White.  This sister caused me a bit of design angst as the first piece I created just didn’t feel “right”.  So, after some added thinking and designing, I have the necklace that I think she would wear.

The Background

Wicked White is the Middle Sister who is just naturally cool.  Her style is effortless and casual.  Out for a hike or a night on the town, you would admire her design choices that make a statement without really trying.   From the label on the bottle, here’s the message about Wicked White:

You may have fewer photos in the family album, but who knew someday you’d have your very own wine. So how about sharing it with the rest of us? This spunky blend of our three favorite white varieties is perfect for sipping before, during and after our favorite family meals. Sure, you’re wicked but Mom always did like you best. Now we understand.

Looking at her board on Pinterest, I was drawn to a number of photos of graffiti and the casual, relaxed outdoor images. I also discovered that she has a love for superheroes.

The Design Process

I used the Inspiration Board that I described in an earlier post as the initial design direction for the piece.  During my session with all the inspiration boards, I selected the beads, determined the length, and finalized the parts of the wine bottle I would use in the design.

For Wicked White,  here is a look at her design board and the beads that I selected:

I wanted to take this design in the direction of the beautiful colors in the graffiti images from Pinterest.  The colored pieces in the top right of the photo above are from the foil wrap on three of the Middle Sister wines.  I wanted to arrange sections of that foil on clear glass from the bottle to create a very abstract look.

The First Try….

I set off to design and created a necklace that I really like.  However, after thinking about it overnight, I had decided that the piece just didn’t fit right with Wicked White.  Here is the original design I created:

Two chunky pieces of clear glass have pieces of the green foil overlaid in an abstract way.  Those pieces were paired with colorful recycled glass beads, milafore beads, and a gunmetal circular chain.

As I mentioned before, I really like this design, but it just isn’t right for Wicked White.  There was too much going on – she needs a simpler design.  I also thought that my inspiration from the graffiti was a bit lost in this design.  So, I headed back to the drawing board to give Wicked White another try.

Design Process – Take Two

This time, I decided to try to paint on the clear glass instead of using the foil.  I’ll admit up front that I don’t really freehand paint and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but I jumped in with some glass paint and tried a few different things.  Here are the three pieces of glass I painted:

I found each one to be interesting in different ways, but decided to move forward with the one in the middle.  That design seemed to have the best fit with the rest of the design I had in my head.

The Final Design

After the second try, I’ve ended up with a necklace that I’m certain would be perfect for Wicked White.

The painted glass section was wrapped in black wire.  I think the black really grounds the colors I used in the painted design to give a bit more of the graffiti feel.  The chain I used is also black (vs. the gunmetal used in the first design).  Recycled glass beads were added in offset sections to compliment the colors used in the pendant.  Here’s a quick close up of the pendant:


I’m pleased with the casual statement I was able to finally create for Wicked White.

I decided that as I created the pieces I would wear them the next day.  I think it is interesting to see what clothes I choose from my own closet to compliment the design for the sister.  Today, I’m wearing jeans with a white shirt and a mid-thigh length dark orange jacket.  I think the necklace is making me look a little cooler…ha, ha!

What do you think of the design?  Did I make the right call in creating the second design?  Let me know your thoughts.

Cheers!  Lori


2 Responses to “ Jewelry Inspired by Wicked White ”

  1. Teresa Nord says:

    I sincerely LOVE it! Nice job Lori.

  2. “I found each one to be interesting in different ways, but decided to move forward with the one in the middle”

    How thoroughly, and perhaps a bit ironically, apropos! :-)

    Love the design.

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