Jewelry Inspired by Surfer Chick

The next Middle Sister in the necklace design lineup is Surfer Chick Sauvignon Blanc.  Being a fan of the beach and sun myself, I could relate to the natural, laid back lifestyle of this sister!

The Background

Surfer Chick is the beachgoer in the family.  She’ll spend a day decked out in swimsuit and flip flops whenever she can.  From the label on the bottle, here’s the message about this sister:

Want to know what it’s like when everyday’s a day at the beach? Just ask a Surfer Chick. Her highlights are real.  Her legs are tan. She smells like coconuts. She can balance a surfboard on a beach cruiser and swim with the dolphins. She wears a wet suit, not a business suit. She’ll stay up late and get up early for dawn patrol the next morning. She likes seafood, sunsets, SPF and Sauvignon Blanc. Not necessarily in that order. She’s more than a sister. She’s a state of mind.

Looking at her board on Pinterest her posts on the Middle Sister blog my thoughts were reinforced that this design needed to have the feel of the sand and ocean.

The Design Process

I used the Inspiration Board that I described in an earlier post as the initial design direction for the piece.  During my session with all the inspiration boards, I selected the beads, determined the length, and finalized the parts of the wine bottle I would use in the design.

For Surfer Chick,  here is a look at her design board and the beads that I selected:

I wanted to create a design that Surfer Chick could wear for a night on the town after a fun-filled day at the beach.  I found a shell necklace laying around the house and knew that I wanted to use that design element in a new and fresh way.  Blue recycled glass would be a great compliment to the brown and white color of the shells.

As I started to design the piece, I found my plan for the shells was a little more cumbersome than I had hoped.  You can check out the details on that project in my “bumps in the road” post.  I also realized that I wanted more brown in the design than I originally planned.  So, I shifted to use brown rectangular recycled beads instead of the blue shown above.

The final “twist” in the vision for Surfer Chick was in the bottle glass.  The Middle Sister wines gave me three colors to work with – clear, light green, and a dark green/brown.  I thought the dark glass would work in this piece, but I wasn’t happy with the match.  So, I decided to use pure brown glass from a beer bottle.

The Final Product

By now I’m sure you are curious how the design turned out.  So, here is the final necklace design:

While the view above gives you a look at the entire piece, the personality only comes through as you see it “on”.  Here’s a look at the length and design when it is worn.  I even selected the outfit I would wear out to dinner after that sunny day at the beach!

Here’s a close up of some of the elements:

The pendant section of the design features a recycled glass bead paired with a round blue and tan bead that reminds me of the waves in the ocean.  In the center photo, the two bezels feature crushed bottle glass set in resin.  On the right is a section of the bottle wrapped in silver wire.

The accents throughout the design are sections of the tiny shells, aqua recycled glass beads, and small silver beads.

This design has been added to my Etsy shop – click here to link to the piece.


I’m excited about the relaxed, beach feel I was able to create with this design.  While I showed the design here with a “ready to go out” outfit, I could see the piece working equally well with a pair of jean shorts and a white t-shirt.  As always, I would love to hear what you think.


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