Jewelry Inspired by Save Our Shore

This week was one of my favorite weeks with the blog so far this year.  Save Our Shores is a wonderful, tasty brew with a great focus – raising money to keep the Gulf shores clean.  Focusing on this brand during the week I was in Marco Island, Florida (on the gulf coast) was the perfect combination to be inspired.

The Materials

This week, I combined elements from the bottle, the beach, and the store to create some unique designs.  From the bottle, I started with the cap and then picked some wonderful selections from the randomly broken bottle:

From the beach, I brought home some sand, some shells, and a piece of brown sea glass:

To compliment the beach and the bottle, I needed to rely on some stuff from the store.  I decided early on that I wanted to use bezels to incorporate the sand.  So, I picked a number of shapes and sizes to work with.  I also came across these unique beads that reminded me of the waves of the ocean.  I thought they would work perfectly with the designs.

The Process

I started by laying all the “parts” out on the table and then finding pieces that spoke to me.  I knew I wanted to use the weathered beach glass so that went into the keep pile first.  From there, I started selecting sections of the bottle that seemed to have great design – broken shapes and graphics.  The sections seemed to speak to me and let me know what type of a piece they wanted to become.

One curved section fit perfectly around the curve of my wrist and I knew it was destined to be a part of a bracelet.  Another piece was a small pelican and I wanted it to be a delicate pendant all on its own.

From there, I started moving pieces around until designs emerged that seemed to work perfectly.  I did quickly realize that the wave beads I loved so much were just too chunky for a necklace or a bracelet.  So, one bead became a focal point of a key chain.

The Collection

The overall group includes a bracelet, 5 pendants, and a keychain.  For the pendants, I used a new style of chain.  Instead of the fun and whimsical ball chains I normally use, I incorporated simple, silver chains for these pieces.

I’m currently adding all the pieces to my Etsy shop.  As they are added, there will be links on each piece in the details section below.

The Designs

I’ll start with the bracelet.  A couple inspirations came together to create this design.  First, the large piece from the bottle had a curvature that fit just right around my wrist.  The graphics on the piece included some of the gulf animals.  I wrapped the piece in wire to connect it to the rest of the design.  Then, I used some of the square bezel sections from the bezel bracelet.  I filled each bezel with sand from the beach and tiny pieces of broken bottle glass.  I really liked how the small glass pieces almost have the look of amber.


The first pendant leveraged the weathered piece of glass I found on the beach.  The sea glass was wrapped in wire and I tried tightly wrapping wire to create an interesting design on the front of the piece.


The next pendant is a collection of pieces set in a one inch square bezel.  Sand was applied at the bottom to create a base.  Small design sections from the bottle were then added.  The final touch was a wire swirl.  Resin was applied to the entire piece to protect all of the elements.

A small round pendant was the next design.  Similar to the last piece, sand was put in a 1/2 inch round bezel to provide a base.  I then found a piece of the broken glass that reminded me of a seashell and added that element to create a petite, simple design.


The next pendant is another small piece.  I was immediately drawn to the chip of glass that had the etching of a pelican still intact.  I softened the edges of the piece and then wrapped the glass with just a bit of wire.  I love how this piece just highlights a simple section of the Save Our Shores bottle – a simple message that can be worn everyday.


The final pendant is a larger section of glass from the bottle.  The edges were smoothed out and wire was strategically wrapped.  Since this bottle section was more substantial, I used a thicker silver chain to create a design with a bit more presence.


The keychain is the last piece in the collection.  I started with the Abita bottle cap and filled it with treasures – sand, bottle sections, and a swirl.  Resin was then added.  The unique “wave bead” was paired with recycled glass to create the overall piece.


As I’ve mentioned several times this week, I loved working with the Abita brand and the gulf beaches as inspiration this week.  Working with the sand was a bit difficult, but I like the results.  I can see myself creating resort pieces in the future that had their beginnings in this week of design.  What are your thoughts on this beach collection?



3 Responses to “ Jewelry Inspired by Save Our Shore ”

  1. Kristen says:

    I love it! The pelican one is my favorite =) very cool idea and designs

  2. Joanna says:

    This is such a great idea. The first pendant reminds me a shark tooth – very cool. I have a penchant for keychains and yours is extra fun, since it can easily be used as a zipper pull or clipped on a purse. Thanks for sharing your work!

  3. Teresa Nord says:

    I think this is my favorite collection yet! Beautiful.

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