Jewelry Inspired by Life & Limb

This week I had the opportunity to learn about a beer that is a collaboration between Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head breweries.  This partnership has lead to a delicious beer and underlines a shared passion for the brewing process.

The Design Process

As I started to think about the designs for the week, I knew I had some great pieces to work with – a beautiful label, a cork with the words Life & Limb on the top and around the side, and the champaign-like pieces that held the cork in place.  Because of the partnership, I also thought it would be fun to include the bottle caps from the two brands.  Collecting everything together, I ended up with this grouping:

After spending some time with the parts, I realized that I wanted to keep the design style very natural using the greens, oranges and browns present in the label.  I came across a great copper color chain that I thought matched really well with the label as well as the Dogfish Head bottle cap:

I also had a number of bezels on hand that I knew would work great to hold pieces of the label under resin in the designs.  While those bezels are a brushed silver, I thought the combination of that finish with the copper chain would add a unique twist to the overall look.

The Collection

I was surprised how naturally this group of pieces came to me.  Often, I have an idea, but as the pieces come together I end up “stuck” at some point and rework several design ideas.  This time, I was really pleased with each piece as they came together.  Here is the entire collection together:


The group is comprised of a necklace, a pendant, a bracelet, a keychain, and a set of glass markers.  I’ll dive into some of the details about each piece.

The Details

Necklace – The first piece is a necklace.  The design is simple, yet unique.  The copper chain holds artifacts from the bottle together.  On the left are two sections of the label inserted in a bezel and protected with resin.  Below the two images are amber and green recycled glass beads.  On the right side of the design, the top of the cork was sliced off and a hole was drilled through allowing the piece to act as a “bead” in the design.  The cork is accompanied by two green recycled glass beads.

Bracelet – The bracelet is a combination of bezels and copper chain.  The design is petite and features some of the great imagery from the Life & Limb label.  I really like how the combination of metals blend in this design.

Pendant – The pendant is an interesting creation.  I used the metal piece that wrapped around the cork and attached it to the bottle.  I spent quite a bit of time moving the sections around until I came up with the design you see here.  I thought the twisted metal of the original piece was so interesting that I really wanted to feature that in one of the designs.

Key Chain – The key chain is the piece in the collection that I am most unsure about and may end up doing some rework before listing it in my Etsy shop.  The idea behind the design was to highlight the partnership between Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head.  I’ve placed the two bottle caps back to back and sealed together with glue and jewelry rings.  Below the bottle caps is the Life and Limb cork topper.  On the back side of that piece, I applied and protected a piece of the label design.

Glass Markers – Because the label was so beautiful, I couldn’t resist a signature set of six glass markers.  Sections of the label were added to sliced wine corks and a recycled glass bead was added to each for personality.


I’m really pleased with how this collection turned out.  I like the subtle, understated quality of all the pieces.  I think my favorite may be the bracelet.  Although, I’m torn between that and the necklace.  Let me know which design speaks to you!


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  1. Teresa Nord says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the necklace! Bracelet is beautiful too. Great work Lori!

    • Lori says:

      Thanks Teresa! I’m still torn between the bracelet and necklace. Usually, I’m a necklace gal, but this bracelet speaks to me for some reason!

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