Jewelry Inspired by Forever Cool Merlot

The time has come for the series of designs inspired by the Middle Sister wines.  I’m excited to start the series off with Forever Cool Merlot.

The Background

Forever Cool is the Middle Sister with a deep connection to the earth.  If she had a motto, I think it would be “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.  From the label on the bottle, here’s the message about this sister:

The Age of Aquarius has come and gone, but some things never go out of style. Like flowers, peace and a nice glass of Merlot. Let’s take a moment to toast the sisters who march on to the beat of a different drummer. Nobody stays forever young. But you will always be forever cool. And for that, we salute you. Sip on!

Looking at her board on Pinterest, her posts on the Middle Sister blog and any other information I could find, I knew I wanted this design to carry a story about protecting the Earth’s resources.  However, I also wanted to demonstrate that this eco friendly sister is well grounded in the styles of 2012.  She truly represents contemporary eco-chic!

The Design Process

I used the Inspiration Board that I described in an earlier post as the initial design direction for the piece.  During my session with all the inspiration boards, I selected the beads, determined the length, and finalized the parts of the wine bottle I would use in the design.

For Forever Cool,  here is a look at her design board and the beads that I selected:


The goal with this design was to have a story that Forever Cool could share with anyone who complimented her on her necklace.  I’ll describe below how the design elements selected will allow her to make her statement about recycling in a entirely new way.

The Final Product

After a bit of rearranging the layout, her is the final design for Forever Cool:

Not exactly what you picture when you think of an eco-friendly necklace is it?!  Yet the story behind this piece communicates the need for recycling and demonstrates that “trash” can by redefined into something beautiful.

Since Forever Cool was going to make a “green” statement with her design, green colors seemed appropriate.  The bottle glass from Forever Cool is more of a brownish/yellow.  So, she headed over to the closet of her fashion forward sister – Drama Queen – and borrowed a couple sections of her light green glass bottle for this design.  Those pieces of glass were  sanded to smooth out the edges and then wrapped in black wire.

Those two statement glass pieces from the wine bottle are complimented by beads that have a story……

The first bead on the left (between the silver beads) was created from a recycled flip flop – yes, I said flip flop!!  Those beach sandals often get swept out to sea and end up on beaches across the world.  The beads in this piece were purchased fair trade from Kenya.  You can learn more about the story of these beads at Gifts with Humanity.

The next bead is recycled green glass.  The overall design uses both green and black recycled glass.  Many of my designs include recycled glass beads of all colors, shapes and sizes…I love working with them!!  These beads are all handmade and mine usually come fair trade from Africa or Indonesia.

The black bead next to the green glass is a recycled magazine bead.  These beads are also handmade using pages from old magazines.  The paper is rolled and covered in a resin to protect the bead.  You can learn more about the backstory of these beads at Bead for Life.

The final bead in the design is a natural stone.  While I think Forever Cool wants to send a recycling message, I think she also wants to celebrate the natural beauty of the earth.  These green and black stones are the perfect tribute to the beauty that nature produces.


I wanted to start with Forever Cool in this series because her values align with mine and reflect the philosophy of Drinks to Design.  My goal is to recycle and reuse in all my designs in a way that is creative, contemporary and fresh.  If the Forever Cool design is perfect for you, check out the listing in my Etsy shop.

If you are in the mood for a glass of wine tonight, give Forever Cool Merlot a try and consider what you do to reduce, reuse and recycle in your life.

As always, I would love to hear what you think of the design…post comments below.



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