Jewelry Inspired by Eco Balance Wine

Today, I’m proud of the designs that emerged from the inspiration of Eco Balance Chardonnay.  As I mentioned in the backstory, I wanted the designs to be social, fun, and reflect the eco-friendly dimension of the brand.  The elements of the bottle provided the perfect foundation for that design.

The Materials

As a reminder, here is a photo of the bottle, label and cork.  I love the colors in the label and knew they would be wonderful to work with.  I was disappointed by the very plain cork and pleasantly surprised by the vibrant green color of the bottle.

The Process

Since the cork from the bottle was so boring, I had a good excuse to try an idea that was bouncing around in my head – inking patterns on sliced cork.  You can see the designs in the photo below that I really liked….it took me a few tries, but I think I’ll be using the technique more in the future.

I was also excited when the bottle broke in such a way that I was able to get two cool textured pieces from the bottom.  Typically, that section of the bottle has too many curves and angles which makes the pieces unusable in the jewelry designs.

The Collection

I had so many good elements to work with that I ended up with a lot of different pieces in the collection.  However, all the designs focused on necklaces – 2 necklace designs and 8 pendants.

The Designs

The first design is a shorter necklace that leverages the two flower inked corks and a small piece of the bottle glass.  Those elements are paired with an antiqued gold chain and recycled glass beads to produce the overall look.

The second necklace started with a pendant that was created with elements of the Eco Balance label and sealed in resin.  That pendant hangs from the same antiqued gold chain as the shorter necklace design.  And, again, recycled glass beads were added to create the overall personality of the piece.

After the two necklaces….there are the pendants.  I thought I would show how each type falls on the neckline in one photo (below).  That way, you can see the designs more up close in the other shots.

The first two pendants are the largest in the set at a height just under 2 inches and a width of nearly an inch.  Larger pieces of glass from the bottle provide the foundation for the design.  Sections of the label were then layered onto the piece and sealed into place.  Next, came the wire wrapping and addition of a single, orange recycled glass bead.

The second two pendants leverage the wonderful textured glass from the bottom of the wine bottle.  I wanted to keep these designs very simple – highlighting the beauty of those glass pieces.  Each pendant was wrapped in wire and paired with recycled glass beads to add an extra touch of personalty without distracting from the primary glass.

The last group of pendants were created using the remaining four inked corks.  I paired them with orange and green recycled glass beads to match the rest of the collection.  What I really love about these pendants is that I can see them being a perfect gift for even a younger girl.  The cork makes them very durable and the designs can be whimsical for women of any age.


The designs in the collection leveraged some new techniques and some of my favorite colors.  I’m pleased with how everything turned out.  I know that I will be using the inking on designs in future collections.  Let me know what you think!

Cheers!  Lori


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