Jewelry Inspired by Blufeld Riesling

This week, I was drawn to the Blufeld Riesling because of the cobalt blue bottle and whimsical floral label.  I was anxious to work with the bottle glass and really focus on the highlighting the wonderful color.

The Design Process

As I thought about what to create this week, my mind kept returning to the bezel designs from last week.  I really like the idea of creating little montages inside the bezels and setting the designs in resin.  So, I decided I wanted to create some more designs that incorporated that general idea.

Instead of sand this time, I broke portions of the bottle into really tiny pieces and placed the shavings into circular bezels.  I had three small, round “link” bezels and one larger circular pendant bezel.  The design I had in mind for these pieces was a necklace.  After the resin had hardened and I went to create the design, I realized two of the link pieces were unusable.  Here’s a picture….they are so cute, an yet so unusable!

The resin had gotten into the holes where the connector rings attached.  I tried everything, but couldn’t seem to get the resin out.  So, I started to rethink the design with one pendant and one link.

In addition to the bezels, I selected several pieces of the broken glass to use as beads and pendants in the design.  The edges were smoothed and I used sections of the cute, whimsical label to add a bit of personality.

The Collection

After a lot of redesigning and moving pieces around, I ended up with two necklaces and five pendants in this collection.  All incorporate the beautiful cobalt blue glass.  I feel like these designs can be worn to work or for a night out and many wouldn’t even realized the jewelry was created from a wine bottle!



The Designs

I’ll start with the four pendants that are slightly different variations on the same theme:


These designs all have a piece of glass from the bottle as the foundation.  Sections of the flowers from the wine label were added giving the pieces a summery, slightly whimsical feel.  After the wine label sections were added the pieces were wrapped in wire and a chain was added.

The first necklace design incorporates the two useable bezel pieces I created.  As mentioned above, glass was crushed, placed inside the bezel with some accent pieces and secured in resin.

These pieces were combined with two styles of silver chain and recycled cobalt blue glass beads to create the overall look.  I like how the asymmetrical design works with the pendant.

After creating this first necklace, I had several circles from the chain left over and I wanted to try something new with those.  I thought it would look interesting to suspend a bead inside the circle.  So, after a bit of trial and error, I got the bead inside.  I paired that element with a piece from the bottom of the wine bottle to create the fifth pendant.

This design has a very unique and distinctive look.  I’m honestly not sure if I could manage to recreate the style, but I sure like how this one turned out!

The final necklace design features a blue tumbled glass pendant combined with sections of the bottle, recycled glass beads, and a darker metal chain.


The length of this design makes it perfect to wear with many things.  Similar to the first necklace, I like how the asymmetrical design adds a very unique personality to the piece.


The blue glass of the Blufeld Riesling wine bottle provided the perfect foundation for some beautiful pieces.  I was glad to have the opportunity to continue to work with the intricate bezel designs and learn more about the technique.  I really like the look that is created and know I will use this style in future work.

What do you think of the designs this week?  Do you have a favorite?




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  1. One of the things that I love the most about your work is your ability to find balance in asymmetry. The blue and silver combo is striking too, this collection might be my favorite of yours yet!

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