Jewelry Designs Inspired by Hob Nob

This week, I learned a lot about the Hob Nob Wine brand.  I selected the bottle for the clean, sophisticated look and was surprised to find that the brand was a French wine.  The design style that I found online was a lot different from the labels.  Online, there was  a fun and whimsical quality demonstrated through illustrations.  As I thought about the jewelry design, I decided I wanted to focus on the contemporary look of the bottles and labels that initially that drew me in.  So, I set off to discover the collection….

The Process

I mentioned earlier this week that the bottle had a black synthetic cork and I liked the yellow foil cover that said “HobNob”.  I took the labels off the bottle and then broke the bottle itself into pieces.  Rather than cutting the glass into specific shapes, I like the random designs that are created when it breaks organically.  This photo shows my favorite pieces of glass along with all the other materials from the bottle.

The Collection

The collection ended up including two necklaces, three pendants, a bracelet and a set of wine charms.  I decided that I wanted the pieces to include parts of the label, but wanted them to come across in a less obvious way.  By wrapping wire over the label designs, they are still included, but not necessarily recognized as part of a wine label when they are worn.

I incorporated a lot of different techniques into this week’s designs and I’m excited to tell you a little about each creation.

The Details

The first design is a necklace that will set just below the collarbone.  The central element of this design in a chunky piece of glass from the wine bottle.  I attached the Chardonnay label to the piece of glass and wrapped it in silver wire with a unique design.  The rest of the necklace is a combination of silver chain and recycled glass beads.  The colors are subtle and I can see this design being very versatile and worn with many different things.

The second necklace has an eclectic mix of artifacts from the bottle integrated into the design.  First, the black synthetic cork is complimented with two yellow recycled glass disks.  Then, a piece from the wine bottle is wrapped in wire and falls higher on the neckline.  The last design section features elements from the HobNob label adhered to a slice of a traditional wine cork and accented with yellow recycled glass and black stone beads.  The three sections are separated by a simple, dark silver chain.

The next piece in the collection is a bracelet.  The centerpiece of this design is a curved piece of glass from the wine bottle that wraps perfectly around the wrist.  The foil top from the bottle was adhered to the piece of glass and then the design was wrapped in black wire.  The remaining sections of the bracelet are created from a variety of recycled glass beads in brown, yellow, and a deep purple.

The first pendant has a personality that is slightly different from the other two.  The design overall has a little more edge than the rest of the collection.  The base is a triangular piece of glass from the wine bottle.  Overall length is nearly two inches and the width at the top is just over 1/2 inch.  Sections of the Hob Nob label were cut and attached to the glass.  Then, the design was wrapped in black wire and hung on a black leather chain.



The other two the pendants in this collection are simple pieces of glass from the wine bottle adorned with silver wire.  The pendant on the left is larger – about 1″ wide and 1.5″ inches long.  The second pendant is a delicate piece that has an overall length a bit less than one inch.  Both are paired with a simple ball chain that can be adjusted to the perfect length by the owner.

The final piece in the collection is a set of six wine glass charms.  Scraps from the Hob Nob wine bottle label were cut, combined in unique ways and attached to sliced wine corks.  Recycled glass beads were added to enhance the designs.  This set will be perfect for someone the next time they have friends over for drinks.



Overall, I’m really pleased with how the Hob Nob collection turned out.  I feel the pieces have embraced the design feel I get from the packaging.  I always like to mention my favorite piece in the collection, but this time I am torn between the first necklace (shorter length) and the third pendant (with the label design included).  As always, you can see more photos of each design over in my Etsy Shop.  Which piece is your favorite?


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  1. Teresa Nord says:

    You are so right! I love the long pendant the best!

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