Introduction to Detention

This week, as the kids head into spring break, I thought it would be fun to feature wine with a school theme – Detention from Peninsula Cellars right here in Michigan.  I was drawn to the label of this sweet red table wine not only for the name, but also for the chalkboard “detention” feel of the design.

I will only drink good wine!!!

That is the message that is written again and again on the label.  I’m anxious to figure out an interesting design that integrates statement.

As I got the bottle home and removed the cork, I was pleased that FINALLY I have an interesting cork design to work with.

The last several wine’s I’ve featured have had plain, uninteresting designs.

While Peninisula is a Michigan winery, I honestly know very little about the brand.  I’m looking forward to spending the week learning a bit more about the wines they produce and more from the backstory.


3 Responses to “ Introduction to Detention ”

  1. I’m seeing long skinny white beads like chalk, something that resembles a ruler (maybe even an actual ruler?), and a piece of old chewed bubble gum (well, a glass bead that looks like gum anyway 😉

    Just my 10 cents but I’m loving this bottle! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  2. Rebekah says:

    So glad you’re doing Detention! This is a great wine and a fun bottle. I absolutely LOVE Peninsula–it’s one of my favorite Traverse City wineries. I stock up there every time I go.

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