Introduction to Blue Groove Zinfandel

While I will usually go back and forth between wine and beer, I can’t put this one off any longer.  The Blue Groove Lodi Zinfandel is one of the most beautiful bottles of wine I’ve seen.

This bottle has been in my office for several months as part of the decor.  I look at it often and appreciate the artwork of Salvatore Principe.  So, last week when I was at the store and saw it on the shelf I knew that I needed to bring another bottle home and create some designs with this incredible label.

I love the fluid blend of blues and yellows.  While the overall look is beautiful, when you look closely I’m amazed at the level of detail and precision in the design.

The black foil on the top has a script “S” and the designer’s name around the band of the foil.  When I removed the cork, I was somewhat disappointed as the design is one of the generic grapes and leaves variety.  Although I don’t know for sure, I think that the jewelry designs this week will not be featuring that nondescript cork.

I’m excited for the week ahead with Blue Groove wine.  For those of you hoping for a beer this week, I promise I’ll make up for it with two straight weeks of beer next!


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