I’ve been wanting to feature Badass beer for a while now.  For me, this is not a new beer, but one that reminds me of summertime in Michigan.

Badass is brewed right here in Michigan and is “Kid Rock’s beer”.  I’ll explain more in the backstory….the headline is that Kid Rock started the brand a few years ago to do what he could to help the local economy that was in quite a slump.

The first time I tried the beer was during a day on the lake with friends.  So, for me, every time I drink the beer I have fond memories of hanging out with friends enjoying a summer day on the water.

I have definitely used the Badass bottle caps in jewelry designs before.  I’ve created simple pendants and some interesting necklace designs.  However, this time around I want to do something different with the Badass branding as my inspiration.  I’m also hoping to use a bit of the label in the designs as well.  I haven’t created anything with the label  before.

As I write this post, I can’t believe that summer is winding down and I’m just getting to this beer!  Originally, I wanted to feature it over Memorial Day weekend to kick off the summer….the time has flown by!  I hope you enjoy this week learning more about Badass beer and enjoying some stories about “Summertime in Northern Michigan”.



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