Eco Balance Backstory

I’m back from vacation and doing a bit of research on Eco Balance before diving into the designs.  The label on it’s own provides inspiration for the jewelry – sustainable, colorful, and artistic.  To understand more about the messaging behind this brand, I headed online to learn more.


First, I found that the Eco Balance wines are imported to the US from Chile by Banfi Vintners.

Fun and Social Character

I quickly linked from the Banfi website to the Eco Balance site and was struck immediately by the casual, social feel of the site.

In the wine section, I realized that each of the wines has a different bottle design and label coloring.  While I’m a bit partial to the green and oranges of the Chardonnay label, the others were equally fun.


The design of the site quickly made me realize that I wanted to capture that casual, social feel in the designs that I create.  Likely, I will lean toward the orange and green coloring of the Chardonnay design.


The Eco Balance wines are produced with sustainability at the forefront.  From the website, I especially liked the following quote:


Eco Balance Chardonnay is clearly a brand with a social personality and deep sense of responsibility.  I hope to bring both of the qualities to the jewelry I design.



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