Designs Inspired by Dreaming Tree Wine

With life priorities and a bit of designer’s block, this post has taken a loooong time to complete!  I’m excited to finally have a collection that I’m excited about and looking forward to sharing the design story.

The Dreaming Tree brand certainly provided a lot of design inspiration along the way.  I knew from the beginning that I wanted designs to focus on what the name of the brand means to me….a place to sit, think, and explore creativity.  I listened to the Dave Matthews song, read the lyrics, and took note of many song reviews online.  In the end, I decided I liked the optimistic, peaceful view of the Dreaming Tree I had prior to all the points of view I read on the song lyrics.

The Materials

Thinking about the strength and coloring of a strong tree, I immediately gravitated to some Chrysophase beads I picked up for the fall season.  The deep green and brown coloring seemed perfect for the designs.

After reading about the meaning behind this stone, I was even more convinced that the stones were perfect:

Chrysoprase helps to make conscious what was unconscious. It strengthens the workings of insight and the higher consciousness – encouraging hope and joy while helping to clarify problems.

In addition to the wonderful stones, I wanted to use a number of components from the bottle itself.  The cork is wonderful and needed to be the highlight of a design.  Since I had a bottle of Chardonnay and a bottle of Crush, I had two colors of bottle glass and two sets of labels to work with.

That bottle glass reminded me of light and vibrant green leaves in the summertime.  All elements would be perfect in my natural, outdoorsy designs.

The Process

The beginning of the process went very smoothly.  I knew that I wanted a variety of sizes of bottle glass covered in sections of the wine label.  I broke the bottle, selected some sections, sanded the edges and began to adhere parts of the label to the glass.

With the sections all laid out on the table, I quickly made some decisions….sections that “wanted” to become pendants, sections for a necklace, the cork perfectly suited for a key chain.  Most of those designs came to life without much fanfare.  Then, there was the necklace.

I loved the chrysophase stones.  I had a wonderful piece of glass from the bottle.  I found some chain that pulled out just the right colors.  Yet, the design wouldn’t come.  Every time I laid out a pattern, I wasn’t satisfied.  I walked away several times (for days).  I continued to be determined to use the stones and, finally, last night a layout perfectly emerged.  With the necklace design, the collection was complete!

The Collection

The Dreaming Tree collection is comprised of a necklace, three pendants, one key chain, and a set of wine glass charms.  I like the earth tones that blend in a wonderful, muted way.  There are a couple pops of red in the designs which remind me of fall colors or summer fruit.

The Designs

The centerpiece of the collection is the necklace that uses most of the design elements selected – chrysophase stones, bottle glass with label sections secured, recycled glass beads, and sections of dark chain.

I really like how this necklace hangs.  The chain sections with the floating bottle glass can be moved into a centered or slightly offset position.  I love the look in the asymmetrical position.  The earth tones of green and brown really ground this piece and create a color scheme that will match with many items.  This is definitely a statement piece and best worn with solids.

The next designs are a series of three pendants.

All three designs leverage pieces of the bottle glass with sections of the label attached.  Those design elements are then wrapped in silver wire and hung from a chain.

The design on the left is approximately 2 inches tall and just under an inch wide at the top.  The glass used in this piece is the vibrant green and the pendant hangs from a ball chain that can be cut to a shorter length.

The middle design is approximately 1 inch tall and 1/2 inch wide.  The word “dream” and the swirl in the silver wire provide an extra bit of personality.  This pendant is paired with a 16 inch sterling silver chain.

The final pendant on the right is a tiny piece – standing under 1 inch tall and less than 1/2 inch wide.    This design is strung on a simple, silver chain.  This one may or may not end up in my Etsy shop….I think it is perfect for my 14 year old daughter….

The next design is a keychain:

I felt like a keychain was the perfect way to preserve the cool statement on the cork:

Standing here the old man said to me long before these crowded streets there stood the Dreaming Tree.

For me, this is the perfect reminder as a keychain:  The busier and more “urban” our lives become, the more we need to remember to step back, relax and spend some time under our own Dreaming Trees.  The cork is paired with a recycled glass bead and a tiny pendant made from a piece of bottle glass with wine label attached.

The final design in the collection is a set of six wine charms:

The charms are created from sliced wine cork with sections of the labels adhered to the cork.  Each charm was accented with a red recycled glass bead.  The perfect set to aid party guest in keeping track of who’s glass is who’s.


While the design process took a bit longer than I would have liked, I was very pleased with how the designs turned out.  The necklace shares a design style with pieces I’ve created in the past.  Yet, I think it has a personality that is very unique.  From simple to statement designs, this collection covers many design types.  I would love to hear which piece in the collection is your favorite!


2 Responses to “ Designs Inspired by Dreaming Tree Wine ”

  1. Sherry Sarvis says:

    Love your Dreaming Tree designs on your site. Do you have any of them for sale anymore?
    Sherry Sarvis

    • Lori says:

      Hi Sherry! The Dreaming Tree collection was one of my favorites as well. All of the pieces have actually sold. However, I still have some of the beads I used as well as an empty bottle/label to work with. If there was a piece you were drawn to, I could provide you a quote and create something similar just for you! Let me know – you can send a note direct via the contact page. Thanks!

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