Cool Label – Tarima

Once every couple of weeks, my husband brings me home a bottle of wine.  I always find it interesting to see what he has selected – sometimes it’s something on sale, sometimes he finds a cool label, and other times I can’t really figure out why he made the choice.  Yesterday, he brought home a red Tarima wine.  This one had to be selected for the label…a very cool image of a passion flower.

A Couple Photos

As soon as I saw the image, it reminded me of some cool photographs I took of fireworks on the 4th of July a couple years ago.  These images have just sat in my photo archive.  I’ve convinced that with the right decor these images would look awesome framed and on the wall.  My house just doesn’t seem to have the right spot for them.  So, I figured I would share a couple here so you could let me know what you think.  Do these belong on a wall or are they just too abstract?

The designs created by the blurred light have such interesting shapes, I can look at these photos again and again, always noticing something new about the design.

The Wine

The Tarima wine is produced from Monastrell grapes in Spain.  From the bottle, you learn

“Tarima blossoms in your glass with notes of licorice, chocolate, and a hint of dark violets.”

Looking at some reviews online, here are headlines from the experts on the taste:

“Nice and dry, A little spicy. Solid and good. doesn’t become really great because it kind of ends where it begins, with the dryness, the spiciness and the fruit. But i could see how some who might like the particular taste of this wine would really like it. A fairly good QPR wine.” – CJLew

“Another delicious Monastrell from Jumilla Spain. Needs an hour air time, maybe two, to integrate and smooth out. Concentrated smooth round sweet cherry nose with hint of vegetal. In the mouth lip smacking ripe fruit (cherry, berry), a bit warm on the attack but restrained enough and pleasant. Finish lingers of fruit and hints of leather and something woody, not sure if it is oak. Body medium plus, acid and tannin medium plus. Off dry to dry. Excellent QPR as tested.” – Dynowine


I personally liked the wine, but didn’t find it to be one that I would be running back to the store for.  However, I might run back for the cool label and the memories it brings back from a fun summer evening enjoying fireworks with friends.


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