Collection Inspired by Rebel Red

Rebel Red is the last in my Middle Sister inspiration series.  Designing for the different personalities has been both challenging and fun.  From a design standpoint, I think projects like this really push your creativity and encourage you to try new things.  I feel like I’m moving on having learned a lot about my personal design style.  I’ve also got the inspiration for a fun fall collection in my head.

The Background

I strategically saved Rebel Red for last.  She’s the spokesperson for Middle Sister and I wanted to do a little more of a “collection” to reflect the overall Middle Sister brand.  However, first I focused on the necklace design perfect for Rebel Red.  From the label on the bottle, here’s what I learned about this sister:

Did you know that birth order is commonly believed to have a profound and lasting effect on psychological development? And that the middle sister has a greater chance of having a special wine named just for her? A sassy blend of our three favorite red varieties perfect for sipping before, during and after our favorite family meals. Some people are just born lucky. Now give me back my blouse.

The Design Process

As with all the other sisters, the process for the necklace design began with Rebel Red’s Inspiration Board filled with descriptions and images from her Pinterest page.  Red and black were the dominant colors on the Pinterest page.  There were also unexpected designs with a bit of whimsy.

When I started looking for beads for my Rebel Red necklace.  I went straight for the red.  I also wanted to include the wine cork in her design as a celebration of all her sisters.   I also selected some stones and chain that I thought had a bit of the edgy feel that I would imagine Red wearing.

The Necklace

So, you may quickly wonder with my bead selections above how I ended up with the natural toned piece below!  I tried to keep the red, I really did.  However, each time I added them in they didn’t seem to fit right with the coloring of the cork which was the key element I wanted to include in the piece.

While I work with natural cork a lot, the Middle sister cork is a synthetic design.  I’m sure they have a lot of reasons for that choice…yet, from my vantage point, the coloring of the piece is really tricky to match and integrate in the design.

So, with all that said, the necklace became a mix of grays and tans.  I was still able to incorporate the “edgy” elements I had selected with the stone and chain.  The outfit for Rebel Red was an easy choice….black dress!  This is my modern twist on the little black dress.  I think this necklace works perfectly in the neckline.

The shots below capture some of the details of the design.  The intricate pattern in the natural stone immediately drew me in.  I pulled the colors from the cork and stone to select recycled glass beads that were the perfect color compliment.  The chain I used had three different sections/patterns and I decided to use them all to make the piece even a little chunkier that I had first planned.

The Pendants

After making the necklace specifically for Rebel Red, I moved on to a few overall “Middle Sister” designs.  The first pendant was created by placing a bunch of elements from the Rebel Red bottle into a bezel.

The red background is actually a piece of the foil collar from the bottle.  The stripes at the top and bottom as well as the words Middle Sister were pulled from sections of the label.  The final piece is obviously a section from a Middle Sister cork highlighting Rebel Red, Wicked White and Drama Queen.

The elements are protected in the bezel by a layer of resin.  Then, I hung the pendant on a simple black chain with a magnetic clasp.

The second pendant used the same technique as the first….red foil background, middle sister words from a label, and a section of the cork that features some of the other sisters – Mischief Maker, Smarty Pants, Sweet & Sassy and Surfer Chick.  This pendant was placed on a thicker silver chain.

The Wine Glass Charms

I’ll call this section “Fun with Middle Sister Labels”!  Yes, I’ve been drinking my way through all the sisters.  For all the wine charms, I sealed sections of the label to sections of sliced wine cork.

From the original ten, Surfer Chick and Sweetie Pie have been elusive.  So, I’m hoping to find them soon and add them to the set.

This first set features the faces of the Middle Sisters.  I matched each sister with a recycled glass bead in her primary color.  I absolutely love how this set turned out and think a party would be so fun with each guest picking the sister that best matches her personality!

The second set of charms uses the QR code from the label as the backdrop.  Then, sister names with wine glasses were added on top.  Each design was again paired with a recycled glass bead that matches the sister.

The final set of charms have a backdrop of words from the back of the wine label.  I then picked remaining sections of each sisters outfit and paired them with one word from their name.

I can’t decide which set I like best – they all have a kind of interesting personality.  However, if I have to choose one I would probably go with the faces in the first set.


I’ve had an awesome time with Middle Sister wines!!  I continue to love this brand and I’m excited to keep following the brand through social media.  I hope you’ve enjoyed watching the designs along the way!


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