Art on Vacation

Our family is on vacation this week.  While jewelry design is also taking a break, creating a little art is not.  We have a little cottage home down in Florida and we are currently remodeling the kitchen.  During one of our prior trips, we found some fabulous cabinets at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  I didn’t even know these stores existed until I saw a blog post on EcoEtsy from Myra of HerbanLuxe.

She had found a number of wonderful finds at the ReStore and I figured it was the perfect place to start the kitchen redesign.  So, earlier trips to the house this year involved installing cabinets and cutting an opening in the wall to open up the kitchen to the dining area.

The Art Project

We arrived this trip to find the base of our countertops installed and ready for my “vacation art”.  My husband and I had seen a countertop at a local bar where they had placed sand and shells in a tray-like countertop and then covered them with resin.  We both thought the treatment looked really cool and wanted to give it a try on our kitchen counter.

The first step was to stain the board underneath.  I used a reddish color stain that matched the cabinets nicely.  Then, with a little prep help from my parents, I started laying out patterns on the counter.  Beer and wine artifacts combined with treasures we have picked up from the sea over the years is providing the perfect mosaic for our family counter.

Each element of the design carries memories from beers and wines we’ve enjoyed and fun trips to Florida over the years.

The Bell’s Oberon bottle caps have the wonderful orange color with bright yellow sun.  They are a perfect grounding element for the design and also provides our “up North” connection.  Bell’s is a Michigan brewery and Oberon is my absolute favorite summertime drink!  We’ve also captured other Michigan bottlecaps here and there in the design – Founders, Shorts, Atwater, and Badass.

Budweiser Platinum can be credited for the blue glass throughout the design.  The shades of green and brown glass come from a variety of wine bottles.  Sand dollars, star fish, and shells come from our trips to the beach.


I’m having a great time figuring out this design and I think it might lead to some wall art that I start to create for my Etsy shop.  I’ll be sure to write another post as the design is complete and the resin is poured!

Cheers!  Lori




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