My name is Lori Sullivan.  By day, I’m a Marketing Strategist and by night I’m a jewelry designer.  In my spare time, I spend time relaxing with family and friends enjoying great wine or beer.  The jewelry I create leverages the “artifacts” from beer and wine – from the corks, to bottle caps, to labels, and more.  I’m inspired by their unique packaging designs.

This blog is the place where my passions for drinks, design, memories and marketing mix.  I select beer and wine differently from most people.  It’s not about the location, taste or the vintage.  For me, it’s all about the design of the packaging.  The cooler and more unique it looks on the shelf the more likely I am to select it.  If you also enjoy drinks and design, join me on my journey as I discover new beverages and design techniques.

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Below is a bit of background on how my art has evolved over the years.

A Love of Color and Composition Comes to Life

I have been creating since I was very young. My passions have shifted over the years – from coloring, to scrapbooking, to interior design, to photography, and most recently landing in jewelry and accessory design. I realize looking back over the years, there are two things that have always captured my interest – color and layout.

Growing up, little got me more excited than a new box of crayons or markers. The possibilities were endless! I would color in books, create my own designs, and use color to organize my life…today I still keep track of my schedule using different color marker for different types of activities!!

When I’m not fascinated with color, I’m focused on composition and layout – in my head there is just a “right” way something should look. When scrapbooking, I move things around until I get just the effect I’m looking for. I’ve found it works the same way in my jewelry design – I shift the beads, the labels and pieces of glass until I achieve patterns that look just right. I’ve also realized that often that look isn’t symmetrical….I’m not sure why, but the way it is.

I’m not sure exactly how I landed on wine and beer bottles as the foundation of my designs, but I can say I’ve always been fascinated by the unsung packaging designers who create the artifacts I leverage – the cork and label designers in particular. In addition, I love the memories that are attached to different brands and bottles. When someone selects a piece from my shop or has me create a special order, there is typically a story behind the bottle they select.

My creative path has also intersected with another passion of mine – reducing the impact we have on the environment. I love that I am creating a 2nd life for wine and beer bottles that would otherwise be discarded. I also strive to use recycled beads and natural stones as often as possible and ensure other elements of my business are sustainable.



My name is Lori Sullivan. By day I'm a Marketing Strategist and by night I'm a Jewelry Designer. I also enjoy relaxing with family and friends with a great wine or beer. This blog is the place where my passions for drinks, design, memories and marketing mix.