A Necklace for Middle Sister Drama Queen

The fourth Middle Sister wine on my design challenge list was Drama Queen – a Pinot Grigio.  Here’s the story of Drama Queen and the necklace she inspired.

The Background

Drama Queen is the fashonista in the Middle Sister lineup.  She spends her days at runway shows, at the mall, and combing the internet for the latest styles.  From the label on the bottle, here’s the message about this sister:

Do you know me? I’m the one in the front row. The one with the big personality, giant sunglasses, large bodyguards. I even have a wine named after me. Brilliant! A stunning Pinot Grigio, in perfect taste for any social event, from fashion shows to fundraisers…or on that rare occasion we’re dining in. Admit it, Middle Sister. We so do love the attention. See you in the gossip columns!

Looking at her board on Pinterest her posts on the Middle Sister blog you can see her fashion sense at the forefront.

The Design Process

I used the Inspiration Board that I described in an earlier post as the initial design direction for the piece.  For Drama Queen, I wanted to design a choker because that style is said to be at the forefront this season.  I also wanted to do a bit of research to pick the fashion forward colors for this design.  Here is a look at Drama Queen’s design board:

From the images on the board, I pulled inspiration for some possible color combinations.  Then, I headed to the Pantone Spring 2012 trend colors.

 After spending time with the color trends and looking at my stock of beads, I decided this piece would be a combination of Tangerine Tango and Cockatoo.  Here are the design elements I selected:

As I was designing this piece, I kept seeing embodiments of this trend  all around me.  Two examples are below.  The image on the left is from a Nine West communication and the image on the right is an Etsy treasury titled “Orange and Teal Appeal” by Jill of JMarket.

The Final Product

Early on in the design process, I hit a bump with one of the design elements – orange foil wrap from the bottle put onto blue beads in an abstract pattern.  The orange felt too bright and contemporary for the other elements of the style.  I continued to work the layout and ended up adding a bit of black paint on top of the foil to tone the color down.  As the necklace was completed, I felt I had worked out the kinks in the look.  Here is the final necklace design:

While the view above gives you a look at the entire piece, I continue to believe the personality of the design truly comes through when you see it “on”.  So, I headed for my closet, channelling my inner Drama Queen and ended up with this outfit to perfectly compliment the necklace.

I picture throwing on a pair of flip flops and wearing this outfit to run errands around town or head to one of my kids MANY outdoor sports events.  Then after a quick stop at home to trade the shorts and flip flops for jeans or slacks and wedge sandals, I would be ready to head out to dinner.

Here’s a close up of some of the design elements:


The square blue beads have the orange foil from a Mischief Maker wine bottle attached and then toned down with a bit of black paint.  Those beads are complimented by chunky natural orange stones, turquoise beads, and orange recycled glass.  A bit of chain appears here and there in the design adding the right amount of whimsy.

This design has been added to my Etsy shop – click here to link to the piece.


Fashion forward had me slightly intimidated at first.  However, along the way, I realized the power of following trends.  Keeping a few classic elements in the design should make it last more than one season.

I also found it interesting that this design caused me to pull pieces out of my own closet that I’ve never combined in that way before.  Just a reminder that you can always freshen your wardrobe just by combining elements differently!  Let me know what you think of the design.


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