A Little Valentine Design

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Love is in the air.  What better way to celebrate than with a wonderful glass of wine and a gift of jewelry!

The Wine

I spotted the Cara Mia Pinot Noir on the shelf and knew I needed to scoop it up for a Valentine’s Day jewelry design!  The label is design looks like a handwritten love letter…..in FRENCH (I think)…can you get more romantic?  The wine name even means “my beloved”.

From the website, I learned that the wine is actually from Italy.  So, I’m like off on the language of the letter, but it’s still very romantic!  Here is how Cara Mia describes their Pinot Noir:

“The wine delivers bright berry aromas, a rich and silky texture, and a medium-length, ripe finish.  While this delicious wine is utterly quaffable by itself, Cara Mia Pinot Noir also pairs beautifully with salmon, pasta with mushrooms or rich poultry dishes like roasted chicken or duck.  Cara Mia Pinot Noir received a Silver Medal at the San Francisco International Wine Competition in 2008.”

The Design

There were two parts of the bottle that I had my eye on from the moment I saw them:

The label had a raised red heart section that really stood out and the cap (yes, a screw on cap) carried that same heart logo.  For a Valentine’s Day design, I knew that these elements needed to be front and center.

I decided to do a simple pendant design.  I really think the final product celebrates the holiday by highlighting the love letter and the hearts from the bottle design.

I selected a section of the bottle to provide the backdrop.  The total height is about two inches and width is about one inch.  I took a large section of the letter and placed it behind the other design elements.  Then I pulled three key designs – the feather writing quill, the heart that caught my eye on the shelf, and the word “Amore”.  The piece was then wrapped in silver wire.

I cut the heart from the screw cap and leveraged that piece as an independent accent to the design.


This one is currently a little gift to myself.  The wine was great and I’ll be wearing the necklace to celebrate the day today.  I suppose I might decide to sell the piece, but I think this little letter of love is all mine.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Cheers!!



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